Tiptel.com GmbH Business Solutions

Quality of function, sound and design

Tiptel.com GmbH Business Solutions is a high tech company specialized in information and telecommunication technologies located in Ratingen near Düsseldorf developing, projecting, and distributing:

  • Phone Systems, professional phones and answering machines for business communication
  • IP-phones to be connected and used in the Next Generation Network (NGN) and VoIP phone systems 
  • Ergonomic phones for suitability and activity related communication

Since 40 years Tiptel is standing for quality, innovation, and know-how

Modern microelectronics, well-grounded know-how in manufacturing processes picture Tiptel’s 40-year history. The use of environmentally friendly materials, a careful production, the minimum use of batteries and a low stand-by current document the entrepreneurial responsibility of Tiptel.

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