tiptel 2030

tiptel 2030

ISDN business phone with answering machine and PC interface

Country and language specific versions



  • Trendy, steeply inclined model design
  • 3-stage height adjustable
  • Wall-mountable
  • Telephone directory for 100 phone numbers with names and registration of call charges
  • Answering machine with a recording capacity of 50 minutes and message transfer function
  • 6 multiple subscriber numbers (MSN) with individual outgoing messages, separate activation of answering mode and individual registration of call charges
  • Remote control of call forwarding (CFU) for up to 5 multiple subscriber numbers
  • 14 programmable multifunctional keys (for telephone numbers, settings)
  • Quick-Call-by-Call, comfortable selection of a different provider
  • Time control of the answering machine according to weekday and time
  • TAPI driver for Windows®  XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) supports standard CTI programs such as MS Outlook
  • Download of operating software via ISDN - keeps your telephone up to date
  • PC connecting cable as well as software included for data back-up and dialling via PC

Telephone functions

  • 2-line alphanumeric display with backlight and digital contrast control in 20 levels
  • Administration of 6 multiple subscriber numbers (MSN)
  • 14 speed dialling keys
  • Individual macro-programming of speed dialling keys (phone numbers, functions, providers)
  • Comfortable use of different network providers (max. 14 providers) by Quick-Call-by-Call
  • Telephone directory for 100 entries (phone number, name, charge counter)
  • Appointment manager for 30 appointments
  • Extended redialling function with storage of the last 20 dialled phone numbers
  • Fully automatic redialling in case of busy tone
  • Dialling and pick-up of calls from any TAPIcompatible Windows application (CTI)
  • 10 ringing tone melodies (each melody with 10 different speeds), individual ringing tone for each MSN possible
  • Automatic ringing tone volume control (volume increases after each ring)
  • Call list for 20 entries with documentation of date, time and MSN
  • Call back list for 6 entries (completion of call to busy subscriber, CCBS)
  • Call filter (certain phone numbers will not be signalled)
  • VIP function (certain phone numbers will be signalled also during - do-not-disturb function)
  • Loudspeaker, hands-free mode
  • Registration of call charges in a sum, individually for each MSN, per entry and for the S0-bus
  • Different possibilities to block dialling and operation (dialling, entry, settings, numeral block, phone numbers)
  • Direct call, do-not-disturb function
  • Time control of call forwarding function and answering mode according to time and day
  • Back-up in case of power shortage

Answering machine functions

  • Flash memory, 50 minutes recording capacity for incoming messages, no data loss in case of power shortage
  • 6 different outgoing messages (OGMs), assignment to the MSNs possible
  • One additional general pre-recorded OGM for ”plug & answer” (this OGM cannot be modified)
  • Two-way conversation recording
  • Display of answering mode also by LED
  • Voice-day-and-time-stamp after each ICM for documentation of date and time
  • Display of remaining capacity of speech memory
  • Individual activation of answering mode for each MSN possible
  • Message transfer to any telephone number
  • Immediate call transfer (even during a conversation) to the answering machine
  • Voice guidance for remote control
  • Message function, VIP function
  • Remote change of call forwarding and message transfer

PC software functions

  • Compatible with Windows®  XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Programming of features
  • Entry of data for telephone directory
  • Management and assignment of call data (phone numbers, charges etc.)
  • Storage of OGMs, ICMs and ringing tones in the PC
  • Conversion of OGMs and ICMs into *wav files and vice versa
  • Update of operating software, current firmware release is ready for download on our homepage www.tiptel.com