tiptel Yeastar N412

tiptel Yeastar N412

License-free for up to 20 subscribers

Communication with colleagues and customers is crucial for any business regardless of its size. For small companies with a limited budgets, N412 maximizes cost-effectiveness with up to 4 CO/BRI lines that are easy to install, 12 analog extensions that are cheap to exploit with analog phones, 8 SIP extensions and 4 SIP trunks for receptionist and administrative personnel.

tiptel Yeastar N412 is an easy to use and affordable telephone system for small businesses which want to user their analog lines and phones.

Modular Technology
Customizable with 4 module slots: 2 module slots for internal extension, 2 module slots for external lines (CO/BRI lines), which allow a flexible combination of FXS, FXO and BRI interfaces.

Multi-level Auto-attendant
The multi-level auto-attendant makes your company sound big and professional by the way it greets customers. It customizes the call flow and connects the callers more efficiently.

Built-in Voicemail
Save important voice messages with the built-in voicemail and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of voicemail without extra license fees.

Call Recording Capability
Records calls to monitor conversations for various purposes required by your business. Users enjoy the benefit of inquiring, replaying and managing all call recordings.

Intelligent Call Handling
Effective call queuing and distribution to handle incoming calls automatically. Call handling is also optimized by features like call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

Unified Messaging
Users can receive voicemail messages and faxes by e-mail and have the flexibility to access them from their mailboxes.