tiptel 8010 All-IP Appliance

Future-proof VoIP PBX made in Germany

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tiptel 3300

High-performance IP system phones in a modern design

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Yeastar S-Serie

Yeastar S-Series

Innovative IP phone PBX licence-free from 20 up to 500 subscribers

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tiptel Ergophone

GSM mobiles for senior people safe and simple to use

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Tiptel.com GmbH Business Solutions is well-known for its innovative telecommunications products.

The ITC company is a leading supplier of Voice-over-IP solutions and provides comprehensive support when it comes to the migration to All-IP telephony – ranging from the consultation on IP phones, on complete phone systems, PBXs, up to gateways. Tiptel focusses on VoIP solutions for small and medium sized companies.

Moreover, the Tiptel portfolio includes numerous products and solutions in the technologies analog, GSM and ISDN both for business and private use.

More than 45 years of experience