tiptel 1020

Analogue feature phone with headset socket
Operation on a PBX or public line

While installing several analogue telephones which support standard functions used in hotels or nursing homes the programming effort for every single telephone was enormous. Reception, wake-up call, room service, request for help etc. always had to be programmed to the same function keys of every single telephone.

But, this is a thing of the past! With the tiptel 1020 you only need to programme one telephone which will then be defined as “master”. Than every further connected telephone receives it’s programming via a phone call. Now, the master telephone has been cloned. And the telephones are ready to use!

The programming lock against accidental changes will also be directly cloned, along with the programmed telephone book

This development safes a lot of time and costs. What an advantage when installing big telephone systems!

Hint: This phone supports caller ID with modules ALC-A and ALC-E of NEC Philips Sopho iS 3000 and Telekom Octopus S PBX.

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