tiptel 3120

The comfort model

With the new phones tiptel 3110, tiptel 3120, and tiptel 3130 a new premium series is available on the market which combines the latest technology and individual requirements.

The Tiptel IP telephone family is made in Germany for the world.

The new IP telephones from Tiptel: always the right telephone, always innovative
The IP telephones tiptel 3110, tiptel 3120, and tiptel 3130 satisfy as premium series for the use in VoIP telephone systems. User-friendliness combined with professional telephony functions makes this device an essential part in the daily VoIP communication.

Simple, intuitive menu navigation
7 sensor keys at tiptel 3120 and 3130 and 3 sensor keys at tiptel 3110, 8 control keys, and 4 soft keys with two levels ensure simple and clear menu navigation. In addition tiptel 3130 offers an alphanumeric keyboard in order to retrieve, create, or modify telephone book entries safe and fast. All function keys are equipped with two-colour status LEDs in red and green to provide for a quick status indication of the respective function.

Fist-class speech quality
A variety of function keys as well as the noble design can be taken for granted with the Tiptel IP telephone family. HD speech transmission ensures that the IP telephone user experiences first-class and clear speech quality with all telephone calls and telephone conferences.

Extras for the highest level of convenience in the communication
The telephones are equipped with a red status LED to indicate incoming messages (message-waiting-indication, MWI), microphone off, DND (do not disturb) and “loudspeaker on”. Next to the display there are software controlled sensor buttons, which can be individually configured with further functions and controls. The inclination angle of the display is adjustable for an optimal reading of the display.

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