tiptel 540 SD

The multifunctional message center with exchangeable memorycard


OGMs and recordings

  • SD memory card recording capacity: 16 hours expandable up to 64 hours
  • Changing OGMs with exchanging SD cards possible
  • 5 OGMs with no time limit
  • Archiving of messages and recordings at exchangeable memorycards
  • Flash memory technology that does not require batteries
  • Activation of answering mode after 2 to 9 ringing signals
  • Recording time per call can be set to 1 to 5 minutes or unlimited
  • Time control (time/day of the week) for answering mode, OGMs and message transfer
  • Delete individual or all recordings
  • Messages can be skipped or repeated
  • Fast forward and rewind for ICM
  • Message log for listening to a specific ICM

Use and comfort

  • Large illuminated graphic display with menu features
  • LEDs to clearly indicate answering mode, new ICM and new SMS messages
  • Beep for new message (can be switched off)
  • Call and ICM counter
  • Call transfer, call screening, call recording (even automatically), dictation function
  • Announcement of date, time and call number transferred to recording (can be activated/deactivated separately)
  • Message transfer by voicemail or SMS to up to 4 different call numbers
  • Dialing monitor (call numbers dialed from the telephone are displayed on the tiptel 540 SD screen at the same time)
  • Automatic day/night switching for call forwarding (network function)
  • Automatic redial or call back on busy (network function)
  • Code lock to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Automatic switching between summer/winter time


  • Displays call number or names from the address book
  • Telephone book for 100 entries
  • Personal OGM for the call number received
  • List of the last 50 calls with date, time and call number
  • Direct dial from the call list and replay
  • Individual ringing tone, vocal CLIP
  • SMS in fixed network (Type 1) with inbox, outbox and draft memory

Mailbox and information system

  • 4 mailbox OGMs with no time limit
  • Mailbox selection by the caller via telephone keypad or direct access to mailbox via CLIP parameter 1A
  • Individual message forwarding and remote control for each mailbox
  • Mailbox messages can also be configured to simply provide information (menu-led information system e.g. cinemas or travel agents)

Remote control and operation

  • 4-digit remote control code, can be set individually
  • Call number notification can be activated when playing a message remotely
  • Free remote toll-saving (2 ringing tones / set number)
  • Quick access (the remote control code is no longer required for certain call numbers)
  • Remote control with 4-digit security code, voice messages for menu operation, changes to the call number for message forwarding, remote changes to first 4 OGMs, message forwarding and time control etc. switched on/off.
  • Message code to activate recording for OGM only and to skip long OGMs
  • Remote changes to call forwarding (network function)


  • Audio in and output to transfer professional OGMs and to archive recordings


  • Software update using SD card
  • Multilingual (instructions in English, German, Dutch, French or Italian)
  • Absence manager (if the office is unoccupied a pre-configured message informs callers as to when the office re-opens)
  • Appointment function
  • Connection to the analogue network or an analogue port in a telephone system

* CLIP and SMS must be provided by your telephone access or your PABX

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