tiptel 545 SD

The auto attendant for your PBX with exchangeable memorycard and USB connection



  • Automated attendant
  • Welcome and transfer
  • Queue for busy extensions
  • Integrated mailbox system with 8 mailboxes and message transfer
  • Playback of music-on-hold and information messages (MOH)
  • Exchangeable memory card
  • Menu-guided information system for offers, events, ...
  • Time control according to weekday and time
  • USB interface for configuration via PC

OGMs and ICMs

  • SD memory card recording capacity: 16 hours expandable up to 64 hours
  • Changing OGMs with exchanging SD cards possible
  • A total of 14 storage locations for recording of OGMs without time limit (configuration as OGM with/without recording option, with/without transfer function, busy-line message, hold message for MOH, music for MOH)
  • A total of 8 storage locations available for recording of mailbox or information messages
  • Time control according to weekday and time for activation/deactivation of messages (and the correspondingly assigned function)
  • Message log for listening to a specific ICM

Handling and comfort

  • Large lit graphic display with menu-guidance
  • Configuration via integrated keyboard or via PC
  • LEDs for clear signalling of activated answering mode, new ICMs and new SMS messages
  • Call and message counter
  • Call pick-up, loudspeaker function, two-way conversation recording (even automatically), memo function
  • Indication of date, time as well as of phone number transferred to each ICM (can individually be activated/deactivated)
  • Message transfer to up to 4 different phone numbers via voice message or SMS message
  • Phone number dialled at the phone is simultaneously shown in the display of tiptel 545 SD
  • Automatic day / night switching of call forwarding (network feature)
  • Automatic redialling or completion of call to busy subscriber (CCBS)


  • Display of phone numbers and names from the telephone book
  • Telephone book for 100 entries
  • Assignment of OGMs to entries in the telephone book (caller can hear a personalised OGM)
  • Assignment of a total of 14 individual ringing tones (individual ringing tones) to entries in the telephone book
  • Call list for the last 50 incoming calls with indication of date, time and phone number
  • Direct dialling from the call list and during message playback
  • SMS in the fixed network (type 1) with inbox, outbox and draft memory

Mailbox and information system

  • 8 mailbox messages without time limit
  • Automatic transfer to the corresponding mailbox if transfer target is busy
  • Selection of mailbox via telephone keyboard
  • Direct mailbox access by means of extension number dialled (PABX has to support the CLIP parameter 1A)
  • Mailbox messages can also be configured to simply provide information (menu-guided information system, e. g. for cinemas and travel agencies)
  • Individual target number for message transfer for each mailbox
  • Individual remote control code for each mailbox

Remote control

  • Individual setting of 4-digit remote control code
  • Quick check (call of a certain person - e. g. managing director - automatically opens the remote control of tiptel 545 pro)
  • Modification of the phone number for message transfer
  • Remote modification of the first 4 OGMs

Connections and PC software

  • Audio input and audio output (3.5 mm jack each, corresponding connection cables included)
  • USB interface (USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible, jack type B, cable included in the delivery content)
  • PC software for configuration included, compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Transfer of incoming SMS messages to a PC, entering and sending of SMS messages via PC


  • Software update using SD card
  • Multilingual (languages at choice: German, Dutch, French, English or Italian)
  • Absence manager (e. g. if the office is only left for a short time, the callers can be informed by means of a pre-set message about the time the called party is available again)
  • Connection to an analogue port of a PABX

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