tiptel 8010 All-IP

All IP PBX made in Germany

100 percent VoIP, 100 percent Compatibility, 100 percent Next-Generation-Network

Performance, stability and comfort combined with a maximum of flexibility made in Germany. With the tiptel 8010 All-IP a VoIP PBX system par excellence is available. The tiptel 8010 All-IP is an advanced, expandable telecommunication system with intelligent functions for today’s requirements. It is a pure VoIP phone system without any direct integration of interfaces to older technologies.

The VoIP phone systems have already proved to be a smart, comfortable and reliable solution in their enterprise versions of Phonalisa for example in large hospital installations. In cooperation with Tiptel a version for smaller applications has been developed. The pure software version tiptel 8010 All-IP is designed for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

As a phone system developed in Germany the tiptel 8010 All-IP offers extensive compatibility with current VoIP providers and products. Thus, the PBX is already compatible with the trend-setting All-IP net “DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk” from Deutsche Telekom AG (BNG).

The basic version of the tiptel 8010 All-IP supports two external lines and up to 50 IP phones. The number of external lines can be extended to up to 10 simultaneous talks by means of additional licenses. In its default version the tiptel 8010 All-IP comes with an unlimited amount of user groups, five call groups, two auto-attendants, two queues, one conference room and one black list (black and white list). These functions can be easily extended. Each user has an answering machine, is able to receive faxes and to send faxes by fax to mail and PDF to fax. The CTI software for Windows and Mac OS X is available free of charge. An additional call forwarding system and BLF can be optionally achieved.  

No further licenses are required. Updates of the tiptel 8010 All-IP are free of charge.

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