tiptel 8020 All-IP Appliance

IP PBX made in Germany

The tiptel 8020 All-IP is a VoIP PBX developed in Germany for medium sized and large enterprises. The tiptel 8020 All-IP comes with the same functions as the tiptel 8010 All-IP but it can be updated to an unlimited amount of external channels and extensions. Tiptel recommends running a maximum of 30 external channels and 300 extensions.
The hardware version, tiptel 8020 All-IP Appliance, comes in a high-quality mini-server housing. The software of the tiptel 8020 All-IP Appliance runs on a high-performance Intel® Xeon® E3-1225V5 CPU with 8 GB for ample storage space to smoothly run complex applications. The integrated graphics chip Intel® HD Graphics P530 allows to visually connect with the system in cooperation with the display port.
The vast storage capacities of 1 TB enable long-term data storages of recordings and memos from the dashboard. With the GB Ethernet port, the phone system can be connected with the network. An internal DVD writer and sufficient USB ports complete the high-value system. 

In comparison to the tiptel 8010 All-IP the tiptel 8020 All-IP comes with additional functions which are not contained in the smaller phone system or may be added for a surcharge. The performance features of the tiptel 8010 All-IP also apply to the tiptel 8020.All-IP. Please check the table below showing the differences between the two models.  

Differences between the tiptel 8010 All-IP and the tiptel 8020 All-IP

Function tiptel 8010 All-IP Appliance tiptel 8020 All-IP Appliance
Number of external channels 2 4
Maximum amount of external channels 10 30
Maximum amount of internal extensions 50 300
User-defined call forwarding optional included
Private phone book 1 per extension unlimited
Group phone book 1 unlimited
Authorization for Web GUI definable - included
Profile parameters for auto-provisioning 5 unlimited
Key profile for auto-provisioning 5 unlimited
Blacklist 1/optionally more 3/optionally more
IVR 2/optionally more 6/optionally more
Queues 2/optionally more 3/optionally more
Call groups 5 10


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