tiptel 8020 All-IP

Software solution IP PBX made in Germany

The tiptel 8020 All-IP is a VoIP PBX developed in Germany for medium sized and large enterprises. The tiptel 8020 All-IP comes with the same functions as the tiptel 8010 All-IP but it can be updated to an unlimited amount of external channels and extensions.
In comparison to the tiptel 8010 All-IP the tiptel 8020 All-IP comes with additional functions which are not contained in the smaller phone system or may be added for a surcharge. The performance features of the tiptel 8010 All-IP also apply to the tiptel 8020.All-IP. Please check the table below showing the differences between the two models.

At this stage, the tiptel 8020 All-IP is exclusively available as a software solution to be installed on a PC or a virtual machine running with Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 or higher, Apple Mac OS X (Version 10.10 “Yosemite” or higher) or Linux. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a 30 days free of charge demo version. 

Differences between the tiptel 8010 All-IP and the tiptel 8020 All-IP

Function tiptel 8010 All-IP tiptel 8020 All-IP
Number of external channels 2 4
Maximum amount of external channels 10 unlimited
Maximum amount of internal extensions 50 unlimited
User-defined call forwarding optional included
Private phone book 1 per extension unlimited
Group phone book 1 unlimited
Authorization for Web GUI definable - included
Profile parameters for auto-provisioning 5 unlimited
Key profile for auto-provisioning 5 unlimited
Blacklist 1/optionally more 3/optionally more
IVR 2/optionally more 6/optionally more
Queues 2/optionally more 3/optionally more
Call groups 5 10


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