tiptel 85 System S0

System telephone with numerous system functions and easy operation

As an ideal team leader for boss/secretary and team applications the system telephone tiptel 85 System complements tiptel.com telephone systems by numerous system functions and makes their operation even easier. Central functions of the telephone system, as e.g. the central telephone book with a capacity of 5,000 entries or the integrated voicemail system can be used comfortably and efficiently. Consequently designed for office use tiptel 85 System S0 provides you with special features for the professional user. Thanks to its large local telephone book as well as extensive lists for dialled numbers and incoming calls it saves precious time. For the relief of employees at strongly occupied positions tiptel 85 System also comprises connectors for a corded and a cordless headset. This model is for use at internal S0 port of tiptel.com PBX. Also available as Up0 version for use at Up0 port.

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