tiptel 9010

Cost-efficent Headset

High-quality and cost-efficient headset to be used with most phones available.
The professionally designed headset comes with large loudspeakers, it is comfortably padded, has a gooseneck microphone boom, noise cancelling, a quick disconnection jack and weighs only 57 grams. Thus, the headset is ideal for longtime use as for example in an office job.

Compatible to tiptel 160, tiptel 160iS, tiptel 570 SD. Connected at Headset-jack of the phone with QD-001-S adapter cable (included).

Compatible to tiptel 274, tiptel 275, tiptel 1010, tiptel 1020 and tiptel 85 System. Connected at Headset-jack of the phone with QD-001 adapter cable (included).

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