tiptel Ergophone 1210

User-friendly phone with wireless emergency call transmitter and vibration cushion

The tiptel Ergophone 1210 is an exceptionally user-friendly phone with numerous ergonomic extra features. Thus, the phone comes with a large, clearly arranged 3-row display and is white backlit for better reading purposes. Three one-touch photo keys allow dialing by pressing but one button. Additionally, there are three further one-touch keys, which are labeled with a symbolic face and the numbers 1-3. The volume of the ringer can be set extra-loud just as the volume of the receiver. The phone is hearing-aids compatible. An included vibration cushion indicates an incoming phone call by vibrating. The secure emergency call can be triggered on the phone and likewise on the mobile emergency call transmitter. Secure means that the recipient of the emergency call needs to confirm the call by pressing the key number “5”.

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