tiptel Ergophone 1310

Comfortable, user-friendly phone with wireless emergency call transmitter


Display and large keys

  • 2-line display, 16 segments and pictographs, illuminated
  • Date and time display
  • Indication of call duration
  • Adjustable display contrast
  • Large keys, convex surface with excellent pressure points
  • Key number “5” with orientation point

Phone functions

  • Dialout
  • 6 one-touch keys
  • Phone book for 50 entries (name and phone number)
  • Call list for 20 entries (including names, when stored in the phone book)
  • Automatic dialing from the list of received calls
  • Missed calls are featured in the display and indicated by LED
  • Storing of numbers from the call list into the phone book
  • Hands-free (half-duplex), open listening
  • Dialing with the handset on hook
  • Call acceptance with the wireless handheld transmitter (activated/deactivated)
  • Optical call indication by LED and display screen
  • Consultation mode/transmitting via R-key
  • Busy detection: phone automatically disconnects the line
  • Dial lock except for speed dial keys and emergency call
  • Special phone numbers (for example of police and fire department can be stored when the dial lock is activated)


  • Ring tone can be adjusted via menu and the plus/minus keys
  • Ring tone can be turned on and off
  • Choice of 10 ring tones
  • Hearing aids compatible (integrated magnetic field generator)
  • Handset volume adjustable via plus and minus key, can be set extra loud
  • Volume of the loudspeaker adjustable by plus/minus keys


  • Consultation (after the call the phone automatically switches back into the handsfree mode)
  • Consultation can be set via CLIP numbers (3 numbers maximum) or special phone numbers
  • Emergency call functions
  • Emergency call function can be activated/deactivated
  • Emergency call can be triggered by means of the wireless handheld transmitter or by the emergency call key on the phone
  • Splash-proof wireless transmitter can be carried as a bracelet or with a lanyard
  • Emergency call key flashes when an emergency call has been triggered
  • The phone consecutively calls up to three numbers up to four times each
  • Accepting of the emergency call by pressing the key „5“. Thus, it can be excluded that the call is being answered by voice services or answering machines
  • When the emergency call is being accepted, the phone automatically switches into the handsfree mode
  • Emergency call announcement in six languages
  • Priority of emergency call before other phone functions
  • Internal emergency call (when the emergency call has been triggered on the wireless transmitter the phone also rings
  • Volume of the loudspeaker is set extra loud when an emergency call has been triggered
  • Transmitter range-test function
  • Battery of the transmitter can be replaced
  • Basic Settings
  • Simple menu navigation in 11 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish)
  • PIN protection of important features (three-digit Code)
  • DTMF dial mode
  • In extension mode: signal key flash (100/240 ms) adjustable, trunk code/automatic dial tone detention


  • Fast configuration due to „clone function“ (settings can be duplicated)
  • Factory default setting adjustable
  • Wall mounting by means of optional wall mounting plates

Scope of supply

  • Phone
  • Phone cable with adaptor plug
  • User manual
  • AC adapter
  • Wireless transmitter with bracelet and lanyard

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