tiptel Ergophone 6121

User-friendly clamshell phone for newcomers and experienced users

Choice of operation due to 2 different menu levels (newcomer and experienced mode), individually selectable order of main-menu functions, individual reduction to needful functions in the main menu, 3 font sizes selectable (small, medium, large), 3 speed-dialling keys for camera, SMS and magnifying glass.
Choice of call indication due to different ring tones, speaking caller ID, name caller ID of the recorder (Derek is calling), photo caller ID, vibration alert.
Choice of call functions due to dialling with/without talking keys, 8 favourite contacts appear first in the phone book, 8 photo quick dial contacts.
Moreover: Photo and magnifying glass function, recorder for voice memos, compatible with Bluetooth® devices/hearing aids, SOS emergency call with request for confirmation, 2 SIM cards (for example for frequent travellers), desktop cradle included.

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