tiptel Ergophone 6264

Stylish design

The tiptel Ergophone 6260/6264 is a bar-type mobile for stylish seniors featuring a clear and modern optic, three different menu levels, eight main contacts and a secure emergency call. The spacious display of the mobile offers sharp contrasts and room for large character sizes. The emergency call of the tiptel Ergophone 6260/6264 offers added security and can be triggered by pressing the emergency call button on the back of the device.

Why using a tiptel Ergophone mobile?
Tiptel mobiles are reliable companions for every day and situation. That’s why the tiptel Ergophone mobiles combine the most simple operation with numerous ergonomic and practical extras like big keys, big font sizes, sharp contrasts in the display, high volume and multiple options for customized settings. The different menu levels of the tiptel Ergophone mobiles for beginners, advanced and expert users are unique. No matter whether the user is completely inexperienced in the use of a mobile phone or well-versed the handling is as simple as ingenious. A detailed manual in large fonts informs about all settings. Almost all tiptel Ergophone mobiles have an emergency call function to be used in the case of need. Some models come with an emergency call that needs to be confirmed to be even more secure, some come with GPS localization for enhanced safety reasons.

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