tiptel.com 811

Business ISDN phone system up to 10 users with VoIP optional

Technical data

ISDN-port(s):2 ports, switchable as external S0 (BRI) or internal S0
Mode switched to external S0:Protocol DSS1, Point to Point or Point to Multipoint
Mode switched to internal ISDN-port:Protocol DSS1, Point to Multipoint
Feeding:40 V +5% / -15% max. 2W feeding for both connections together
Circuit type:SELV
Analogue extension-ports
Internal analogue extension-ports8
Supply voltage:40 VDC
Power supply:21 mA +/- 10%
Ringing voltage:48 V +/- 10% , 50Hz
Frequency of the audible tones:440 Hz
Call-charge pulse:16 kHz or 12 kHz
Max. length of the
connecting cable 0,6 mm:
450 m
Dialling method (analogue):MFV
Circuit type:TNV 2
Analogues lines (FXO)
External analogues lines (FXO)2 lines, optional by 2FX0-module
Tone detection:290 - 510 Hz
Sensitivity:12 mV on a/b
Dial tone recognition:≥ 100 ms
Tone detection:950 ms - 1750 ms
Speech recognition:Signals outside the tone detection
Busy signal recognition:100 ms: 100 ms to 600 ms: 600 ms
Number of tones until detection:2
Ring detection:14 Hz - 120 Hz
Ringtone break:600 ms to 9,9 s
Dialling:tone (DTMF) dialling
Charge recognition
(Call-charge pulse):
12 or 16 kHz
Impedance loop condition: ZR international
Power supply
Mains voltage:230 V +6% / -10%, 50 Hz
Power drain:max 29,9 VA
Stand by power:‹ 6 W
tiptel.com VCM moduleoptional
tiptel.com VoIP-CP module 4/8 or 8/16optional
tiptel.com 2FXO module (2 external analogue lines -FXO-)optional
Further interfaces
LAN:10/100 Mbit/s
Circuit type:SELV
(W x H x D):approx. 260 x 140 x 50 mm
Weight :approx. 700 g
Enclosure material:ABS, fire protection class HB
(Screw separation distance):
1,62 mm
Weight of the wall wart: approx. 580 g
Temperature range
Operating temperature:0 °C to 40 °C
Permissible storage temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C

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